Updated: 7/29/2020

Storyboard Text

  • I'm Trevor and I'm a construction worker. I'm having trouble calculating some things at my job. Can you help me?
  • Of course! After all, I am amazing at math.
  • You see, I'm 20 feet away from this building I'm building. I'm trying to figure out how tall it is, so I can find the materials that will fit. I'm looking up at a 75° angle. What should I do?
  • Yes, that's easy! You do tan(75)*20, and then you get 74.64. So it's 74.64 feet tall.
  • I'm building this skateboard ramp in concrete for my son. I know this ramp is at a 84° angle, and it's 13 feet tall, but his son wants to know how long the longest side is. How do I find that?
  • The Famous Donut Shop
  • Like I said, you can use trigonometry to figure this out. 13/sin(84°) is 13.07 ft. So it's 13.07 ft long.
  • There's this forklift, but I have to figure out the height of the shelf to operate it at. I was looking at it with a 84° angle of elevation. The shelf was casting a 60 ft shadow.
  • That's easy. You just do 60°cos(84), which is 6.27 ft.
  • I should really thank you for helping me, what's your name?
  • Anna, why don't I buy you some donuts?
  • Oh, yes! I totally forgot. My name is Anna.
  • Sure!
  • T H E E N D
  • Of course!
  • Thank you so much! These are great!