Chapter Seven "The Outsiders" Summary
Updated: 12/19/2020
Chapter Seven "The Outsiders" Summary

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  • The reporters came with the police and asked to many questions and I got confused. But, Dally got mad and told them to slow down.
  • He's not in any shape to answer those questions. Slow down!
  • Uhhh...
  • How did you save them how to you feel? How old are you? Are you ok? You feeling fine?
  • We were walking down to the Tasty Freeze and I wasn't feeling that good.
  • That is funny but it hurts to laugh
  • "I would drive us,"but the brakes are out on my car. Almost killed me and Kathy the other night" You should see his brother. His brother is so greasy he glides when he walks and he goes to the barber for an oil change not a hair cut.
  • Thanks grease I meant thanks kid.
  • As we go to the Tasty freeze a Blue Mustang comes up and Randy comes out. He wants to talk.
  • Bob was a good person you dig? He wished for rules. He got drunk and now he is spoiled rotten. I am not going to show at the rumble tonight. People die at rumbles and I don't feel like it is worth it.
  • If it was you, you would have saved those kids when you saw that. Good talking to you Randy
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