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Unknown Story
Updated: 9/14/2020
Unknown Story
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  • After hanging out all day at Olivers house Bryce and Anna decide to start heading home. They say good bye to each other for they will see each other tomorrow at school.
  • At Midnight Oliver texts Bryce and Anna to sneak out and meet him in the “Creepy” Part of town. Anna texts back “why...? Whats wrong Oliver?” and received no reply back.
  • As Anna and Bryce are on their way to meet with Oliver they start to get very worried. Anna starts coming up with theories of what could be wrong and to calm her down Bryce told her "Anna, don't worry just look at the blanket of stars."She started to feel a little better and they went on their way.
  • They finally met up with Oliver, but before they could even ask what was going on Oliver said, "Come on guys I found a trail!"Anna and Bryce looked at each other with a concerned look but they just followed their friend and turn on their flashlights.
  • As they were walking Anna started getting worried about Oliver and whispered to Bryce, "Do you know what's going on?" Bryce looked at her and shook his head no. That's when Anna noticed he had something in his pocket, but thought it was just his phone.
  • While walking Anna looked to her right side and started screaming bloody murder. She saw a guy laying on a tree..there he laid dead. Bryce dropped to his knees and started getting really worried. Anna dropped her flashlight and started crying tears as big as pears. Oliver is mad that they found his secret.
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