ruby bridges
Updated: 1/28/2021
ruby bridges

Storyboard Text

  • This is Ruby Bridges she is a civil rights activist, and the first black child to go to a white school she has an important part in history,
  • Ruby went to an all black kindergarten, Plessy vs Ferguson was a court that said black children and white children should be seperated but that all changed in 1954 when they decided to change the law
  • Ruby in first grade was given a test and she did very well in it, so they decided to send her to a school which was closer to her tho the closest one was an all white school. She was the first black american to attend there
  • when she was going to and from school the military had to escort her as white americans were shouting abuse at her
  • Mrs Henry was the only teacher who had willingly chose to teach ruby they bonded and grew a friend ship. They worked all year tho ruby never had any class mates but mrs henry changed that for her
  • the next year Rubys class was filled with kids with all different ethinicities and cultural differences