Unknown Story
Updated: 2/16/2021
Unknown Story

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  • Shot 1 - Entering School
  • Shot 2 & 3 - Girls talking about new girl
  • what is she wearing?
  • omg ew look, there's a new girl
  • Shot 4 - Girls bullying new girl
  • omg your such a nerd
  • loner
  • High angle shot - new girl goes to school for the first time and is nervous
  • Shot 5 & 6 - Girl helps the new girl
  • its my first day here today and some girls keep giving me a hard time
  • Hey, are you new here? omg what's wrong?
  • The popular girls see the new girl and start talking about herLow angle shot to dominate the popular girls
  • Shot 7 & 8 - Stand up to the bullies
  • its okay just ignore them, your hair is beautiful
  • The popular girls go up to the new girl and through the book out of her hand and start bullying her
  • Shot 9 - facts about bullying
  • Another girl sees the new girl crying helps her.
  • oi, you ranga