Updated: 11/2/2020

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  • The pueblo revolt in 1680 is one of the greatest world wide accomplishment made by indigenous people
  • After killing the friars and settlers in the area, The northern pueblos moved in on santa fe
  • The pueblos then went on to attack isolated ranches and haciendas wherever they were. after the pueblos had accpmplished their mission in the local area, they join in the siege of santa fe. Food and water supplies were cut off and the spansih colonizers under the leadership of governor antonio de otermin surrendered and left.
  • 21 of 33 missionaries and 401 colonists and military personal had been killed
  • No!! get outa here boi
  • governor otermin attempted to reconquer the pueblos in the winters of 1681 and 1682 but failed
  • Why is it so empty here
  • Many pueblo villages swere competely vacated.