The Most Dangerous Game
Updated: 8/27/2018
The Most Dangerous Game
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  • Exposition
  • "Goodnight, Whitney."
  • "Well I'm gonna go to bed. Goodnight, Rainsford."
  • Turning Point
  • "Ahhhhh, HELP!!!!!!!!"
  • Rising Action
  • "I dropped my pipe and tried to reach for it. After that i fell head first right into the ocean!"
  • "So, how did you end up overboard your yacht?"
  • Rainsford and Whitney are on the front of the yacht talking. As the waves skim the boat they just stood there and talked. After a while, Whitney decided to go to sleep.
  • Climax
  • "Zaroff, that's not hunting. That's murder!"
  • After Whitney went to bed, Rainsford leaned over the edge of the boat. He accidentally dropped his pipe. As he leaned over trying to reach it, he fell overboard, plunging into the sea head-first. He was stranded, until he saw and island. Rainsford decided to wim over to the island hoping to find shelter.
  • Falling Action
  • "Finally! I finished the pit. Hopefully he will fall into it and won't be able to get out!"
  • Rainsford walked up to the house and knocked on the door. A large man had a revolver pointing to his heart. Shortly after he met General Zaroff and they began to eat dinner.
  • Resolution
  • "Rainsford! How did you get in here!?"
  • After day 2 of being with General Zaroff, he was talking about the big games that he hunts. He said it was bigger game than tigers. The big game, was people.
  • "The biggest game to hunt, is people."
  • "Nonsense!"
  • During Rainsford's visit, he was forced to survive in the wild for 3 days. He was being hunted by Zaroff. He built a pit to try and trap Zaroff and his hounds, he also tied a knife to a tree sapling and Ivan, (Zaroff's guard) stepped on it. Rainsford jumped off a cliff to escape Zaroff, when he woke up it was mid afternoon and he was laying in a beam of sunlight.
  • Rainsford survived those 3 long days. That night after the "game" was over, he snuck into Zaroff's room. Zaroff was standing before him, deeply confused. "Rainsford! How did you get in here?" said General Zaroff. "I swam." said Rainsford. After a little bit of conversating, Rainsford killed General Zaroff.
  • "I swam. It was much easier than walking through the jungle."
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