A Mark on the Wall
Updated: 3/15/2021
A Mark on the Wall

Storyboard Text

  • Ack, I see "A Mark on the Wall"
  • While the gender of the narrator is never revealed, the text implies that the narrator is a woman sitting in her living room. Through stream of conscious musings of the narrator, the themes of gender roles and lack of change emerge. In her reflections of history shaped by men, she discredits the superiority of said “learned men” that control society and questions what knowledge truly is. 
  • She continues to compare thatbelieving in such men is a superstition in and of itself unable to find a logical reason as to why the world appears to be dominated by men. That link between belief male domination to superstition devalues their (male) authority. Should they, society and women, stop “honour[ing] them as [their] superstitions dwindle” meaning, should few people unquestionably put their faith in male authority, “one could imagine a very pleasant world.”
  • The narrator also contemplates that “nothing ever happens” almost accepting that things will not in her role as a woman or in her general life. Things will continue as normal, she will continue her place as dedicated wife, with life progressing as it always has due to “the masculine point of view [that] governs our lives, which set the standards.”
  • The narrator expresses frustration that she has no societal role outside of her home however feels guilt for “not being a very vigilant housekeeper” noting dust on the mantle and the mark on the wall. Through the end of her musings, she ponders the how the male and female social expectations differ though never laying blame on either gender.
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