tha conquest of tenochtitlan

Updated: 10/15/2020
tha conquest of tenochtitlan

Storyboard Text

  • Return of Quetzalcoatl
  • WOW, they treat me as a god!I will take the gold and return back to Spain and will tell Cortés
  • Hernan Cortes
  • Gods!! QUETZALCOATL is back...
  • So the TABASCAN are fought, now we continue...
  • Cortés marched inlandCity of TENOCHTITLAN
  • I will march with the others to TENOCHTITLAN
  • We stay here & guard the new Spanish colony MEXICO
  • Aztecs believed that Quetzalcoatl the god, would return on a boat as a white men and bears on the shoresCortes heard of the gold and travelled to Mexico
  • Massacre of templo mayor
  • Cortés landed in Mexico, faced hostile Tabascan warriors. had small army attacked them form behind and won, now the Spanish were confident to continue and to take over the Aztecs
  • Moctezuma's execution
  • He met and fought many tribes that had 1000´s of warriors, but he only had a small army but weapons and so they won. Spanish killed over 3000 people.
  • Cuauhtemoc lord of the mexica
  • Cortes moved with part of his army to Vera cruz and he let Pedro de Alvarado to guard the prisioners , but Alvarado feeling insecure he ordered one of the bloodiest masacress , known as the masacre of templo mayor
  • When Moctezuma went to talk with his people he received a stone in the head that apparently killed him
  • Cuauhtemoc was elected the lord of mexica and in August 13 ,1521 its the official fall of Tenochtitlan