English 10 Classwork #12 Soleil R. Kennerly 6/2/20
Updated: 6/3/2020
English 10 Classwork #12 Soleil R. Kennerly 6/2/20

Storyboard Text

  • I cannot believe I Macbeth killed King Duncan in his sleep. WHAT HAVE I DONE!!!
  • I did it, I killed Duncan. I feel horrible.
  • Get it together Macbeth, be a man! I will go plant the murder weapon by the chamberlains. While I'm gone get yourself together before someone sees you!
  • This FOOL!
  • Since King Duncans children fled back to England and Ireland the Courts believe that they are responsible for their fathers death in hopes of becoming King Fast. Macbeth since you were the King's Kinsman you will assume his throne. A pronounce Macbeth KIng of Scotland and Lady macbeth Queen.
  • It is an honor. I will make the King and Scotland proud. Thank you!
  • We did it. Scotland is ours!