Updated: 3/10/2020
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  • Cowboys from the mexico region often traveled to find better lands to settle on.
  • Howdy Sheriff, looks like we got a new one in town. Never seen no cowboy like that before.
  • You are certainly welcome to stay!
  • Neither have I Dave lets go and introduce ourselves. Maybe shes lost.
  • They would usually send a leader or volunteer to scout for the lands that they settle on.
  • Howdy ma'm are you lost?
  • Oh no, I am not lost I am scouting out a town for me and my people to live.
  • Not to be rude or nosy but who are you and your people.
  • Most towns loved new cowboys to come and settle in their towns for that meant the economy got mor emoney. But some towns did not like outsiders.
  • That brillaint. Well its a pleasure to meet you.
  • My people and I are spanish cowboys. We are called Vaqueros!
  • It is nice to meet you. Well lets go look around shall we.
  • The people that they talked to would almost always show them around the town and then the Vaquero would decide wether or not it was good to settle in.
  • This town is very nice and pretty! I will bring my people and we will decide together.
  • The leader or volunteer who had scouted out the town then brings the rest of the Vaqueros and they all decide as a group whether they want to settle here or not.
  • Me and my people have decided to stay and settle.
  • Welcome to the town! We are glad to have you and your people.
  • After a Year or so the Vaqueros had adapted to the new town and were influencing the way others dressed and behaved for the better. They had influenced them by staying true to themselves.
  • We are so glad the Vaqueros came for they have taught us so many new things. Also they have helped our town for the better.
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