Mehmed Vs. Suliemen
Updated: 11/2/2020
Mehmed Vs. Suliemen

Storyboard Text

  • The Conquer vs The Magnificent
  • I am the greatest Emperor that ever lived
  • Mehmed The Conquers the Byzantine Empire
  • Mehmed
  • School
  • -Sean Brune7th Grade
  • Suleimen Building schools
  • Having my knowledge i not only expanded the empire i built more schools as well
  • Mehmed was tired of the seas being blocked by a chain so he proceeded to cross the chain by going over a hill with his boats, each pulled by his men.
  • Suleimen
  • From all the blasting of cannons hitting the walls the Byzantines were breached and that day they were overrun and could not with stand the power of the Muslims in doing so fell the Byzantine Empire
  • Podium
  • Suliemen not only expanded the empire, but expanded the school system, wrote a legal code, and reworked the tax system. He was also very smart, he studied, History, Science, military strategy and literature.
  • Due to the whether and Suliemens army's illness they had to turn back from invading Vienna. On the way back Suliemen died of a terrible illness.
  • We are leaving, bye bye.
  • Suliemen is the one that I chose because not only did he make military achievements he also had some public achievements, and government.
  • You win fine