Navigation Acts

Updated: 8/26/2020
Navigation Acts

Storyboard Text

  • Did you hear about the Navigation Acts England's government implemented?
  • Yes I did. I heard it says trade to and from the colonies can only be carried by English or colonial-built ships which could only be operated by English or colonial crews.
  • Ya that's right. Also, all goods imported into the colonies have to pass through ports in England for inspection and taxes have to be paid before they can leave the english ports.
  • Really? That increases shipping time, so wouldn't the goods cost more.
  • Yep, the goods cost more now. There's another part to the Act too.
  • Yes, I think its that enumerated goods from the colonies can be exported to England only.
  • Oh yes, thats the also part of the Act.
  • These new laws are not going over well with the colonists at all. It's basically cutting off trade with other countries and forcing them to buy goods that are higher in price.They also feel completely unrepresented by Parliament.
  • Yes, definitely and there could be a revolt soon.
  • It's looking like it.