The Dinner Party By: Ali Usman

Updated: 3/27/2021
The Dinner Party By: Ali Usman

Storyboard Text

  • “A woman’s unfailing reaction in any crisis, is to scream. And while a man may feel like it, he has that ounce more of nerve control than a woman has. And that last ounce is what counts.”
  • ''Women have out grown the jumping-on-a-chair-at-the-sight-of-a-mouse era.''
  • ''Psst!''
  • At a large dinner party seated with guests—army officers and government attachés and their wives, and a visiting American naturalist a spirited discussion between a young girl and Colonel occur.
  • Everyone stay calm, there's a cobra under the table try no too make any commotion.
  • The American doesn't join the argument instead watching other guests. As he looks, he sees a strange face on the hostess while she summons a native boy. The boy's eyes widen as he quickly leaves the room.
  • “I want to know just what control everyone at this table has. I will count to three hundred—that’s five minutes—and not one of you is to move a muscle. Those who move will forfeit fifty rupees. Ready!”
  • The American notices the boy place a bowl of milk on the veranda. He realizes the bowl of milk is bait for the snake and starts looking for it. He looks at the rafters and the four corners of the room, but they are empty. He realizes the cobra must be under the table.
  • The American naturalist quickly speaks, warning everyone about the cobra.
  • To keep everyone calm, the American devises a game to keep everyone safe from the snake and tells them to sit still for five minutes. Those who move will forfeit fifty rupees.
  • The guests sit still, and finally, when the American says two hundred eighty, the cobra emerges and makes for the bowl of milk. He jumps out and slams the veranda shut as screams fill the room.