Runner of Marathon (scene 3)

Updated: 6/29/2020
Runner of Marathon (scene 3)

Storyboard Text

  • Don’t let them be killed and leave us alone, alone to weep and no one care for us
  • Oh,God, don’t let our men be killed, Our brother and fathers, all those we love.
  • Look....there’s someone coming, far away
  • It is my son, my son Pheidippides
  • Ay! We’ve won! Ay! Ay!
  • We’ve won!
  • Tell us about it!What did you see?
  • The Persians have gone! We won the battle! I saw how they fought at Marathon
  • The Persians were sitting and waiting to crush us, thinking we wouldn’t even dare to fight .suddenly our men attacked from the hill
  • The Persians were startled. Their slaves took fright. While they were looking for their swords and helmets, we were on top of them , cutting them downtill they ran to their ships and rowed away!
  • (The First Speaker raises his arm high, Trumpets sound.The triumphant parade forms, with Pheidippides’s body carried high on the shoulders of four young men. The Parade marches round the field.)
  • For ever and ever , men who are willing to die.FOR FREEDOM!