Academic Dishonesty Storyboard

Updated: 10/13/2021
Academic Dishonesty Storyboard

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  • Academic Integrity scenario
  • Miss. Barnaby's class!
  • Class, today I will be handing out worksheets to all of you. It is only 10 questions, and I expect you to work on it by yourself. You will have time until tomorrow.
  • Alright! Bye!
  • Hey Tommy! These questions look so hard! Say, why don't we split the work! You can do 5 questions, and I can do the other 5!
  • Sure! We can meet at my house and swap answers! Miss. Barnaby wont know! Great idea Chuckie! Well, see you!
  • Hmmm, I got A, and for number 6, I got D!
  • The boys continued to share their answers, and even though they knew it was wrong, they did it anyways, just to get a good grade.
  • Ok, lets get started! For number 1, I got.....C! What did you get for number 5?
  • In the end, Tommy and Chucky got caught for cheating, and now they have to give up recess to explain why they have the same answers!
  • Miss. Barnaby's class!
  • Oh no!! We are going to be in big trouble!
  • Class, I would like to say that everyone did great.... but Tommy and Chuckie both have the same answers! Boys, I would like to talk to you during recess.
  • 1.Would you consider this cheating? A. Yes I would, because they had to do the work on their own, but they did the work together and used each others answers.2.Who is cheating in your scenario?A. Tommy and Chuckie are cheating.3.How did they cheat?A. They swapped answers and used them as their own.4.How would you handle this situation if you were placed in this situation?A. I would go and report it to the teacher and let them handle it.