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Tell Tale Heart Storyboard Retelling
Updated: 11/10/2020
Tell Tale Heart Storyboard Retelling
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Storyboard Description

6 panels: exposition, conflict, rising action, climax, falling action, resolution. Due Monday!

Storyboard Text

  • Exposition
  • Why will you say that I am mad?
  • I loved the old man... I made up my mind to take the life of the old man.
  • Conflict
  • I cannot stand his evil eye!
  • 7 Days Later...
  • Rising Action
  • Who's there!
  • The narrator begins by explaining that he is not mad and that he loved the old man. He later says that he had to take the life of the old man.
  • Climax
  • The narrator visits the old man's room and looks to see if the evil eye is open. He doesn't want to kill the old man, he just hates the evil eye.
  • Falling Action
  • Welcome!
  • A neighbor heard a shriek come from here.
  • The old man wakes up as the narrator enters the room. The narrator shines the light in the evil eye and scares the old man.
  • Resolution
  • The narrator quickly acts by pushing the bed on the old man, killing him.
  • AGHHHHH!!!!
  • The narrator cleans up the mess and hides the body. A police man comes by to investigate a scream that a neighbor heard. The narrator calmly invites the police man inside.
  • As the police man is talking, he doesn't suspect the narrator of any crime. The narrator suddenly starts to hear the heart of the old man beating and confesses to his crime.
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