Community Engagement Project for Personal Development Skills
Updated: 8/10/2020
Community Engagement Project for Personal Development Skills

Storyboard Description

This is a storyboard for my PDS project on fitness and how it impacts the community during corona virus

Storyboard Text

  • Going to start my morning basic workout. Do your as much of these as you can everyone has a different level of fitness. Only 1 set of the list of reps on the next cell.
  • 1. Star Jumps 20-100 (Cardio)2. High knees 20-100 3. Jogging on the spot 30-100 seconds4. Push ups 10-100 (Arm strength)5. Sit ups 10-100 (Core strength)6. Planks 30-100 seconds (All around strength building)
  • That's all now we are finished the basic workout you should be doing this everyday or at least 3 times a week.Reasons why fitness is needed includes1. Exercise controls weight2. Exercise combats health conditions and diseases3. Exercise improves mood4. Exercise boosts energy5. Exercise promotes better sleep6. Exercise improves your sex life7. Exercise can be fun and social.For more information visit-