evrything everything
Updated: 5/19/2020
evrything everything

Storyboard Text

  • Hey its maddy.
  • So, since were gonna be friends tell me something about youself!?
  • Whats that budnt you brought over made of? haha!
  • thursday 8:19
  • idk rocks lol. were gonna be friends i can tell :)
  • hey its ollie ofc lol
  • What do you have against capital letters?
  • I have to go. Sorry!
  • well, im from the east voast and i shaved my head before we came here (big mistake)
  • who says that i do
  • so how grounded are you
  • Friday 8:53
  • Im not. Why would you say that?
  • You think im pretty?
  • I dont know what to say. I cant leave the house.
  • vey mysterious. are you a ghost? i would be my luck that a petty girl nextdoor isnt actually alive
  • well im guessing your mom made you hurry off last night. trust me i know all about being grounded