Updated: 12/2/2020

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  • The Adventures of Supereustress Girl
  • A boy is sitting at a table with his friend, who is Supereustress Girl, though he doesn't know it.
  • Nothing, I'm just worried about my test, it's the worst kind of distress, and I know I'm gonna do horrible..
  • What's wrong, Arnold?
  • 10 mins later...
  • But Arnold doesn't slow down, which aggravates Supereustress Girl and so...
  • And I'm bad at Math and all I can do is play video games till I fail... and ...
  • I'll get a bad grade and...
  • Supereustress Girl !
  • WHOA! You're SUPEREUSTRESS Girl? You can fly?
  • I do? Oh no oh no...
  • Yes you do! And it's nothing bad! It's curable. And yes... I can help you. That's why my name is...
  • Yup! And you have a case of Eustress!
  • Supereustress Girl !
  • She pulls out a math book!
  • They rush to Arnold's house!
  • Can we play video games now?
  • Yeah well....
  • Then let's get moving! Stop groaning and start studying!
  • I though you want to do well on your math test...
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