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Updated: 2/15/2020
Unknown Story
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  • Hamilton: Listen Thomas, we need a national bank to help with our debt, and to stabilize our economy. We also need to collect tax revenues, transfer money, and make loans and pay bills to the government.
  • Jefferson: Alexander, I must express my beliefs about why you are wrong. First off, a national bank gives too much power to the federal government and not enough to the states. It also means that people will move away from private banks. Let us talk more about this at a dinner, hosted by me.
  • We need this bank. It will help our country economically.
  • No, the federal government will have too much power.
  • Madison: Lets make a compromise! You can start the bank, but the location of the Nation's capital must be towards the center of the country.
  • I know this isn't the bank, but I used it as a prop, since there is not a bank background.
  • So, you are saying I can start this bank and do all the things I want to do, if the location of the nation's capital is moved south.
  • This seems like a fine deal to me. This bank, right here, is not a great idea in my opinion. But if the capital is moved to the center of the country, then it is a fair compromise, I suppose.
  • So we all agree then! What a fine dinner we're having tonight?
  • It sure is!
  • I agree as well!
  • I will use my opportunity to strengthen our economy!
  • Great work, Alexander and Thomas!
  • Nice work!
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