Unknown Story
Updated: 2/15/2020
Unknown Story

Storyboard Text

  • Hello Mr. Jefferson and Mr. MadisonI gathered you to make a compromise.
  • Hello Mr. Hamilton! Jefferson and I are willing to hear your reasons and ideas!
  • That is right.
  • I think our country should have a National Bank.
  • Yes. Why?
  • Why do you think so?
  • I want to establish a Natinal Bank to inprove our nations credit. It will aslo help the govemment collect taxes.
  • How about we make a compromise?
  • What compromise do you have in mind Mr. Madison?
  • If we agree to create a national bank, we need to move the capital needs to be more to the center of the country.
  • How about we locate it in the middle of Virgina and Maryland?
  • That seems very fair to me!
  • Yes indeed. We have ourselves a deal!
  • Great! We have ourselves a deal.
  • Thank you all for coming!
  • Thank you for inviting us!
  • Yes, thank you for inviting us!