Carbon Cycle
Updated: 3/9/2020
Carbon Cycle
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  • Carbon atom going into the ocean.
  • Carbon atoms going up into the atmosphere
  • Carbon atoms going into plants and the soil
  • Carbon atoms are in the ocean from places like the atmosphere, the carbon can go back into the atmosphere or anywhere else.
  • Carbon atoms going into fossil fuels
  • Carbon atoms can be found in the atmosphere, they could get here from the ocean, through respiration, or through the burning of fossil fuels and many more.
  • Carbon atoms going into the Earth's crust
  • Carbon atoms can also be found in living organisms such as a tree or other plants, or it could be found in the soil.
  • Carbon atoms going into the mantle through a volcano.
  • Carbon atoms are found in pockets of fossil fuels due to the absorption of carbon atoms through the ground.
  • Carbon atoms can go into the crust from opening in the ground or getting put there due to other causes.
  • Carbon atoms can be found in the mantle and in volcanos due to cracks in the ground or other ways.
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