Unknown Story
Updated: 2/15/2021
Unknown Story

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  • im poor help me
  • the start of the story once op on a time. there was a kid called Aladdin he was very poor.
  • Aladdin did not have money so he went in to the cave to get the lamp.
  • if you get a lamp i Will make you a noble so get it
  • OK
  • no i need to be in the lamp Noooooo
  • i found the lamp
  • so Aladdin used one of his wish to be king became king h 6
  • i can help you
  • thank you
  • but the bad guy noticed it and stole it and made him genie.
  • bad boy I took the lamp In a genie
  • and I used to be a gennie
  • no !!!!
  • but he is a gennie so he had to go into the lamp the end
  • hahahahahhhahha