Jane Goodall Storyboard For PBA 3
Updated: 2/12/2020
Jane Goodall Storyboard For PBA 3

Storyboard Text

  • “When she was 4, she wanted so badly to know how an egg came out of a hen that she hid inside a small henhouse for nearly four hours waiting to see it happen” (Newsela).
  • I need to see an egg come out of a hen! It's important!
  • Come on! It's dinner time!
  • “Goodall went back to live at home, and worked hard as a waitress. In five months, she'd saved enough money for a ticket on a ship to Kenya” (Newsela).
  • I was invited to see a friend in Kenya and worked hard enough to visit her. There, Louis Leakey hired me to work with chimpanzees.
  • “Her association with Leakey led eventually to her establishment in June 1960 of a camp in the Gombe Stream Game Reserve (now a national park) so that she could observe the behaviour of chimpanzees in the region” (Britannica School).
  • After I got a job, I lived with chimpanzees for a long time and learned a lot about their behavior.
  • “Over the years Goodall was able to correct a number of misunderstandings about chimpanzees” (Britannica School).
  • I managed to correct many misunderstandings about chimpanzees in the years that I lived with them.
  • “Jane established the Jane Goodall Institute in 1977. Its goals are to educate people about chimpanzees and other primates, and protect them and their environments”(ProQuest: SIRS Discoverer).
  • I established an institute that would help people learn about chimpanzees, which I believe is important.
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