Updated: 9/10/2020

Storyboard Text

  • Dear heavenly father grammercy for giving us the opportunity to hast this meal together. We are so humbled that our kids are safe 'i bed and are putting our faith 'i thou and thou alone
  • She knows not what is coming
  • We shall all act as would she hath been bewitched!
  • I shall not stand hither and hast thou people pin me for a liar. I hast not done aught thee and would ne'r lay a hand on any of thou
  • This shall be good to fill the town with prate
  • What hast i done thee? why are thou taking me to court?
  • Thou are not meant for this orb
  • She hath poked upon us. She hath threatened us almost till perpetual wink. She backed us into a coign and made us cry that way we couldn't 'scape. She hath made us sign the devils book
  • What hath she done?
  • I hast not. I am innocent.
  • Mom why are they taking thou?
  • The girls quoth that she was responsible for the deaths and is a witch
  • Mine wife i shall until anon
  • Why put some one 'i jail after telling 'em they plead childlike. I was restricted with ropes and then released for nought. This jail i hast seen too many times and now it shall be the last sight i aye see