Updated: 4/3/2021

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  • cookies
  • these are really good but this is my fifth one, I've got to stop!
  • y=mx+b
  • Josiah bought cookies, and he didn't want to finish them too quickly. He had already eaten 5 whole cookies so he decided to pace himself in a timely manner. Josiah began eating ½ of a cookie every hour. He know wants to figure out how many cookies he’s eaten after 8 hours.
  • Make your own equation students!
  • maybe this will help me manage the cookies
  • Hey guys I bought these cookies this morning and ate 5 already, I've been sparing them by eating 1/2 every hour
  • cool so its, just like why we learned today
  • yeah! your equation would be y=1/2x+5
  • So I've been eating cookies for around 8 hours
  • Ok, so that means you ate 9 whole cookies
  • So how would you find that on a graph for 1/2x+5
  • Oh, I would start on by the number 8 for the hours and move till I touch the line