Roll of Thunder Hear My Cry - three
Updated: 2/7/2020
Roll of Thunder Hear My Cry - three

Storyboard Text

  • On the way back from the store Cassie ran into Lillian Jean. She tried to make Cassie get off and walk on the sidewalk. When she refused, her father pushed her down.
  • I did not have my brothers die for someone to just knock my niece off the sidewalk. Seems I need to teach Mr Simms some manners
  • Uncle Hammer!! You wont believe it!! In stupid Strawberry, Mr Barnett waited on other customers before me that came after me!!
  • He made me leave the store... but do you know whats worse!! I ran into Lillian Jean, AND HE FATHER MADE BE GET OFF THE SIDEWALk
  • Yes. He made me apologize to MIZ LILLIAN JEAN too!! Wait... where are you going? ... Uncle Hammer?
  • A grown man made you walk on the street?!?!
  • Realy? What did he say?
  • Cassie woke up that morning to find that lucky Mr Morris stopped Uncle Hammer before things got too out of hand.
  • Cassie started carrying Lillian Jeans books to and from school
  • UGG... I can't believe it!! Mis Logan failed me again!!
  • Yeah... she's a horrible teacher. She changes the books, and doesn't even teach the right curriculum!! I wish someone would just get rid of her.
  • Bet this is a good excuse to put the Logans down a notch.
  • Kid. I she the one who is shopping at Vicksburg
  • Cassie tricks Lillian Jean into comming into a clering with her where she uses force to get her to apologize for all the things she did.