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aincent china
Updated: 2/20/2020
aincent china
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  • inventions
  • i had invented gun powder.
  • abominations
  • he he this money is mine
  • dynasties
  • the song dynasty is the best dynasty.
  • the chinies would invent gunpowder, crossbows, and other types of wepons. they would use it to help them in battle. inventions were importants, since each dynasty had invented different stuff. for battles, and to help the people.
  • philosophies
  • people will be punish if they do not follow the rules here!
  • some chinese would kill there own family members, and they would steal. this effects them with loss of their family members, and having no money inorder to pay the leader. abomination can sometimes effect them from not having anything at all, which can lead to death.
  • geography(extra)
  • the hymalayan moutain have some pretty creatures
  • the song dynasty lasted the longest. they invented gunpowder and paper money. they showed knowledge and growth from other people.
  • choice(extra)
  • in china we celebrate new years eve on the 25 of january.
  • one of the main philosophies are leagalism. which is basically punishing those who don't follow. which some chinies people actually do.
  • the mountains of china are home to the snow leapords. there forest are home to red pandas, and pandas. the hymalayans are actually the tallest mountain in the world.
  • the chinies celebrate differently than others. they celebrate new years on the 25th of january, instead of celebrating it on the 2 on january.
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