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Updated: 1/22/2020
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  • 12, 16 Book 8- Odysseus arrives at King Alcinous palace and there Odysseus lies about his identity but later on when Demodocus a singer, sings the story Odysseus breaks down and reveals he was actually Odysseus´╗┐
  • Book 9- Odysseus moved King Alcinous after revealing the he is Odysseus and got a ship for his journey but on the way he is trapped by Polyphemus but escapes while angering Poseidon because Polyphemus is his son
  • Book 10- Odysseus arrives as Circe island and is trapped but with the help of Hermes he escapes with Circe advice of visiting the Underworld
  • Book 11- Odysseus arrives at the underworld and there he meets his mother who died from grief and, King Agamemnon a man who got killed by his Queens suitors, and Elpenor an old shipmate and Tiresias and ask them about his fate then went back to Circe to bury Elponor
  • Book 12- On Odysseus journey back he faces the sirens which he manage to hear but not get enchanted, Skylla a 6 headed monster and Charybdis a whirlpool which sucks all his men
  • Book 16- Telemachus arrives home from his journey and meets his father and together with the help of Athena they make a plan to kill all the suitors
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