The Reunification of China
Updated: 1/16/2020
The Reunification of China
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  • The Reunification of China
  • Hello I am Xiandi and I am not a good ruler, i was horrible so I was forced to abdicate the throne.
  • Ever since I was dethroned, court officials and people who worked for me fought for power and control.
  • Meanwhile, most of the upper class owned the land and peasants worked the land and earned very little profit.
  • Because of this, people were out of control and fought with each other
  • The peasants were tired of working and followed the philosophy of Daoism, and decided to start a rebellion and soon enough would attack the Yellow Turban Rebellion
  • Not too long after, the rich people took land and had slaves work the fields
  • This is my property!
  • The peasants took over the yellow turban rebellion and then china was divided into 3 kingdoms known as Wei, Wu, and Shu
  • This is China
  • I call this one!
  • The peasants struggled and had very little power
  • Then after many years all three kingdoms fell by weakening due to being attacked by the other kingdoms
  • The peasants had decided to turn away from Confucianism and followed Daoism
  • The rulers each had one kingdom, where each ruler said that one day they would rule all of China
  • I get this one!
  • After this China would soon be led by the Sui dynasty, then the Tang dynasty, then the Song dynasty
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