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Project: Big Idea D
Updated: 10/8/2020
Project: Big Idea D
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electrons absorb and release energy

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  • Hi! I'm an electron and I'm tired of being in the same place all the time.
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  • I always watch my electron friends complete electron transitions, so I decided that I would try too.
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  • But if I want to move further from the nucleus I have to absorb energy
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  • Whenever I need to release energy I can emit a photon of light that will move me closer to the nucleus
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  • "Hey I can explain how it works, it all has to do with the Electromagnetic spectrum" - said his electron friend
  • The Electromagnetic Spectrum is made up of different kinds of light, with different wavelengths. However, we only interact with visable light
  • We then can interact with light to move around the atom
  • Thanks for telling me, now we can move around the atom together!
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