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romeo and Juliet project
Updated: 4/1/2019
romeo and Juliet project
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  • Romeo and Juliet III.i
  • Summary 1
  • "well, peace be with you, sir. Here comes my man "(III.i.51
  • Summary 2
  • "Draw, Benvolio; beat down their weapons. Gentlemen, for shame! forbear this outrage"(III.i.80)
  • Riley Stack period.5
  • Summary 3
  • What this means in this scene is when Mercutio and Tybalt are in an argument. the reason why Tybalt wants to fight Romeo is because when Romeo went to the Capulets party and Tyblat sees Romeo and he doesn't like that . And Tybalt tells Romeo to draw his swords but he doesnt want to and Mercutio steps in and says he will fight for Romeo if he doesnt. And so both of the men begin to fight.
  • Device: PUN
  • I killed Juliets cousin and now she doesnt want to see me ever again. but i have to stay here because she is my wife.
  • What this means is when Mercutio and Tybalt are still arguing and they begin to fight. Those two start fighting there swords and they are still in the middle of the town. When they start fighting then Romeo steps in and tries to stop them from fighting and then that leads to Mercution getting stab.
  • Theme:Love of destruction
  • What this means after the argument with the men and Romeo steps in and that causes Mercutio to get stabs. When Romeo steps in and tries to stop the fight and Tybalt gets a cheap attack and that gets Mercutio to bleed out and he dies in the building next door.
  • A plague o' both your house! I am sped. Is he gone and hath nothing?(III.i.83
  • How this scene is a pun is because this shows us when Mercutio dies after the battle with Tyblit this shows us the readers that he can still make the pun saying that he will see the person that killed him in the afterlife for doing what he has done to him.
  • "Good fellow you will see me in the grave and you will see me after"(III.i.85)
  • the reason why i chose the name of the this box is because that Romeo is just a big cry baby. but the the reason is that he it shows that Romeo wants to be with Juilet but he thinks that when he killed her cousin now she wont talk to him and he wants to be with her. And he is saying that he wants to be with her but he cant because he is banished and he cant see her now because if happened.
  • And now im banished from the city because of what I have done. But i need to see Juilet but i cant. What should I do?
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