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E&S Theory
Updated: 9/23/2020
E&S Theory
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  • I'm Prof. Doff and today I will be explaining the Solar Nebula and Condensation Theories.
  • These theories hope to explain how a solar system is formed.
  • The Solar Nebula Theory claims that under the influence of its own gravity, a nebula contracts. As it contracts, it spins faster and faster, This effect is known as conservation of angular momentum.
  • As a result of the spinning, the nebula flattens out to form a disk. This disk will continue to contract eventually forming a star. Its relationship there on out is similar to the one of this gas giant and its rings.
  • The Condensation Theory states that the planets were created with the left over space dust from the nebula.
  • The particles collided and stick to each other slowly growing in size. Eventually forming large objects in space, including planets.
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