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Updated: 2/11/2021
SDP User Story

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  • In order to keep track of employees' working hours, modify them if necessary and calculate the payroll, as an admin, I want to develop more functions on the existing website.
  • This is Ivy-Lea. She wants to develop a website to track her workers
  • In order to record my working day, time, location and comment, as a worker, I want to be able to punch in/ punch out within my workday
  • Sandline Ottawa Workers
  • In order to keep track of my working hours within a week, report any incident that happens, as a worker, I want to have a time card and incident report
  • Algonquin College
  • Team 7 Lines of Code helps Ivy-Lea to build the desired website
  • Start of Work Day
  • Time Card Management
  • Sandline Ottawa
  • End of Work Day
  • Incident Report
  • I can pull out payroll into Excel sheet to calculate my employees' salary
  • I can record working hours of every employees
  • Ivy-Lea ends up having a wonderful website to keep track of her employees
  • Ivy-Lea succeeds in her business
  • 7 Lines of Code succeeds in their study