Three-Panel Reading Comic!
Updated: 6/2/2020
Three-Panel Reading Comic!

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  • Protagonist Profile
  • Significant Setting
  • My reading story
  • Amina is a twelve-year-old muslim girl, in seventh grade, at her public middle school. She has long, dark hair, and tanned brown skin. She's really shy, and although she's a really talented at singing, has terrible stage fright. She has a popular, and social brother, Mustafa, who everyone likes and she aspires to be like.
  • This novel takes place in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. This is important because there are certain parts of Milwaukee that's still quite anti- Iran and anti- Muslim. During the book, a group of young delinquents vandalize a community mosque. and the rest of the community gathered and joined forces to find and take down the criminals.
  • My reading at home is generally a few minutes before bed or while eating lunch, as I'm busy most of the day with schoolwork and then most of the evening gaming with friends. Sometimes I read while sitting outside just to take in some sunshine and fresh air.