WW1 COmic
Updated: 12/18/2020
WW1 COmic

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  • I'm so happy we moved to Canada. We will have a much better life here.
  • Soldiers Needed! Fight for your country.
  • I am going to go fight. It is my duty as a British Canadian. 
  • Please don't go, I'm with child.
  • YES! I got the job.
  • Have you heard that she's pregnant?
  • Really?! Then why is she coming to work here???
  • In 1912, me and my husband saw an advertisement for farmers to immigrate to Canada. We chose to buy land and immigrate there shortly after seeing it. It has been 2 years since then.
  • We saw posters around town today, they read "Soldiers needed! Fight for your country." and being the loyal citizen my husband is, he wanted to sign up. I tried to never disagree with the things that my husband wanted to do, but this time I really wanted to step in. I didn't want him to leave me and our unborn child.
  • What happened to your skin?!
  • I think it was all the chemicals I've been working with!
  • My husband decided to enlist, but I was unable to work on the farm without my him, so I decided to try and find people to work on it. I still needed an income so I chose to fill my civic duty and applied for a job in the factories to help support our troops overseas.
  • As letters began to come in from the soldiers, word spread throughout the factory about what life is like oversea. They're living in 8 foot deep trenches filled with mud and infested with rats. I even heard that there were decaying bodies all around. I can't help but think about my husband. Is he scared? Is he helping? Has he died?
  • As months go by, the side affects of working in the factories begin to take a toll on the health of the other women. The fumes from the materials began to damage their lungs and even turned their skin yellow! I even heard about explosions occurring in other buildings. 
  • Although conditions in the factories were dangerous, I continued to work as hard as I could. While manufacturing weapons for the war, I made a friend named Hazel. She told me about how her husband was too old to enlist and how they were unemployed. We talked more and decided that we would leave the factories to work on my farm instead, to be safe.
  • Lets work on the farm so we don't get sick!
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