Nicholas Dangereous Journey To The west
Updated: 3/11/2021
Nicholas Dangereous Journey To The west

Storyboard Text

  • President : want you to go exploring the west in a year a man named Ismael will pick up a map
  • Nicolas : ok
  • Nicolas : I am Nicolas I am 20 years old man
  • ??? : because you are touching my horses I'm going to send my tribu to attack you
  • Nicolas : It's behind me, I need to escape
  • Lewis : Wait let me introduce myself my name is Lewis if you let me go I will give you all the food you want
  • Nicolas : Ok I'll let you go but don't tell anyone I'm here tell them you lost me
  • Nicolas : I think idid not see the native American confident .
  • Lewis : attack
  • Nicolas : I need to escape
  • the president sent me to pick up the map you created
  • Here it is.