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Updated: 6/24/2020
short story
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  • Oh' hi guys i'm Bob
  • ahhh I can't see
  • Nice sub dad
  • Oh Hello guys, My name is Bob and My family and I are explorers. While others look up to the stars, we know that there is an infinite of species lurking in the sea below.
  • Cool underwater cave
  • So today we will be talking about Deep Sea Blind Shrimp In some cases it’s you either you use it or you lose it and that’s what happened with these guys. Since they live in such dark environments they don’t use their eye’s so much so then over time they’ve evolved and gotten blind. They’ve not only got blind but are also losing parts of their brain related to vision. Meanwhile, the parts that control touch and scent are getting bigger.
  • fascinating
  •  So time to get in the submarine. “Wow, dad the new submarine is so big”. “Thanks, Bob It’s specially made for explorers like us to handle so much pressure deep down”. So, guys, we will be going 3000 feet down to meet these tiny creatures. So back about the shrimp their a very old species because for something to evolve like that it takes around 200 million years. That’s a very long time. Just like how staring at the sun could blind a person, in the deep sea any kind of sunlight that reaches all the way down their can be very dangerous for sea life that is not used to that much light.
  • Oh, we made it. Wow, it’s so dark down here. We don’t want to use such strong light because that can be dangerous for the sea life down here but we do have safe light that will not harm anybody. Now, all we have to do is wait. (1 hour later). “Dad can we go now.” “ Just a little bit longer”. “Oh, wait I see one. Oh my, it’s so tiny let’s take it in the submarine and take a closer look.”
  • So after we got back to the submarine, my Dad studied its brain and as a matter of fact, it’s vision part was completely gone.
  • When we finally got back home I figured out that life without evolution would mean so many disadvantages. In Conclusion life without evolution wouldn’t be a good one.
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