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  • Presidential Reconstruction
  • Hi my name Lacy, I am here to teach about the Reconstruction.
  • Black Codes
  • We don't want to leave pass 10 o'clock tonight.
  • Y'all shall be allowed within said parish after sunset.
  • Radical Reconstruction
  • Y'all will learn more about the Reconstruction soon.
  • The views of the Vice President rarely matter too much, unless something happens to the President. Confederate officials and owners large taxable estate were required to apply individually for a Presidential pardon.
  • White League & KKK
  • Y'all are almost finish learning about the Reconstruction.
  • Be it ordered by the police jury of the parish of St. Landry, That no negro shall be allowed to pass within the limits of said parish. An ordinance relative to the police of negroes recently emancipated within the parish of St. Landry.
  • Freedmen's Bureau
  • Y'all only have a little bit of Reconstruction to learn about.
  • The Radical Reconstruction believed blacks were entitled to the same political rights and opportunities as whites. They also believed that the Confederate leaders should be punished for their roles in the Civil War.
  • Compromise of 1877
  • Thanks for learning the Reconstruction.
  • The White League is an organizations with exists in New Orleans, and contains at least from twenty-five hundred to three thousand members, armed, drilled, and officered as a military organisms. White League and KKK make an Alliance to develop on the war.
  • They are having a war and the solider that is standing in the middle of the black and white men. The soldier in the middle is from the United States of America. The Freedmen's Bureau issuing rations to the Old and Sick.
  • Rutherford B. Hayes is inaugurated as president on March 4, 1877, after the disputed election of 1876. This compromise, which many called a "corrupt bargain," ended Reconstruction and left freed African Americans to manage on their own.
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