The Body Storyboard
Updated: 5/26/2020
The Body Storyboard
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  • Scene One: Where is Rays Body?
  • You guys wanna see a dead body?
  • SHHHHH! Be quiet
  • Scene Two: Vern
  • That was him wasn't? The dead kid
  • Scene Three: Dennis
  • Why can't you have friends like Dennis?
  • This scene shows when vern comes and ask the boys if they wanna see a body. All the boys already knew who he was talking about. The technique shown is a Medium shot it shows the whole scene with the boys.
  • Scene Four: Junkyard
  • In this scene Verns older brother Billy is talking to his friend Charlie about how when they snuck out the night before they saw the dead body of Ray Brower. Vern the whole time is under the porch listening. The technique I used was two-shot because this is a scene between three people and they are not all next to each other
  • Scene Five: Train Race
  • TRAIN!! Vern Run!!
  • In this scence Gordie and his dad are in a disagreement about his choice of friends and why he can't have any nice like his deceased older brother Dennis. For this shot I chose shot-reverse-shot because that is commonly used in a conversation shot.
  • When the boys start their adventure they stop at the junk yard to take a sit and eat. While on the way back from getting food Gordie gets caught by the owner who lets his dog loose on Gordie chasing him through the junkyard back to his friends. The technique I chose is a tracking shot because it follows him through the junk yard to his friends with the dog and owner chasing him.
  • In this scence Vern and Gordie almost get hit by a train while crossing a bridge to the over side of the river. The technique shown is a long shot because it if following the action of the boys running and the train getting closer.
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