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Unknown Story
Updated: 2/18/2020
Unknown Story
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  • You have to help me with the church and I will make you king to replace Charles Martel. 
  • It is a deal. Whenever you need me, just tell me.
  • Pepin wanted to be king and he asked the pope if they can make a deal for him to be king. Pepin took over the empire and now has to take care of the church because he made that deal with the Pope.
  • The king
  • The Hammer
  • Roland is protecting the empire by fighting off other people, so they would not get in. Roland was really strong and powerful, so he did hold them off for a long time.
  • Clovis was a very greedy man but he was a good king. These people are bowing down to Clovis because they respect him and they think that he is doing good for the empire.
  • The Hammer was an important guy. He helped out the king a lot and he was known for his military strength. This picture shows the Hammer talking to the king on how they can make the empire better.
  • Louis makes his 3 sons kings. This was not really that great of an idea because they all were fighting about what they wanted to do with the empire. They weakened the empire by splitting into 3 parts, so they can all rule over 1 instead of 1 big one.
  • I am making you guys all kings. This a big responsibility and you guys need to know that.
  • Charlemagne was the son of Pepin. Charlemagne was a king and he was know for spreading Christianity from his "sword." Also, he concord the weak Germanic tribes and made the empire better in many ways.
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