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Updated: 2/1/2021
Unknown Story

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  • Christianity Spreads
  • Ahem
  • The end of the empire in the west
  • Where did we go wrong!?
  • Art
  • We have perfected art
  • At first the Romans were not bothered by Christians. But the Christians refused to worship the Roman gods nor did they worship the Roman emperors as gods. The Christians were then killed in painful ways. One day Emperor Constantine had a dream where Jesus told him that if he followed his teachings he would win the battle he was going to fight the next day.
  • Architecture
  • Rome fell for many reasons. The biggest reasons were political instability, economic issues, social issues, and weakening frontiers.
  • Engineering
  • Romans would get inspired by other cultures art, mainly Ancient Greece. The Romans painted frescoes which were made from water-based colors on moist plaster.
  • Law/Justice
  • The Romans learned how to use the arch, the vault, the dome. They were the first to make a large use of concrete. They also invented the building we call today a stadium.
  • We shall be the first to use concrete as a main piece of building.
  • The Romans were the greatest builders of roads, bridges, and aqueducts. Their roads were up to 50,000 miles long and all connected to Rome.
  • I finally have finished this road.
  • Roman laws would cover marriages, inheritances, contracts, and many other things. Modern countries like France and Italy laws are based off of the Roman laws. They also believed that all men should be treated equal, but many Romans did not believe in that.
  • You're under arrest