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Carbon Cycle Comic
Updated: 9/25/2020
Carbon Cycle Comic
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  • The carbon cycle starts with photosynthesis. That's when producers, like trees, take in carbon dioxide and put out oxygen. They also make glucose in this process.
  • Then, the producers inhale the oxygen and produce carbon dioxide. Then, the plants inhale the carbon dioxide and the process starts over.
  • Decomposers also play a role in the carbon cycle. When they decompose things, they take in oxygen and produce carbon dioxide.
  • However, humans also play a role besides respiration. We also burn things through a process called combustion, which takes up oxygen and creates carbon dioxide.
  • When an ecosystem's decomposers do not decompose things fast enough, fossil fuels are formed. Recently, humans have been burning them and releasing the carbon stored in them into the atmosphere.
  • This leads to too much greenhouse gasses being in the atmosphere which causes global warming and climate change
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