Newton's Law 3
Updated: 5/9/2020
Newton's Law 3

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  • Hm. That's not what I expected... but it's pretty cool!
  • Hey Dad, this book is about this guy named Newton... He says something about how all actions have equal and opposite reactions. Is he talking about if I call someone a name they'll call me something back?
  • Hmm. Well not exactly. Let me show you what he meant.
  • Sr. Newton was talking about how every action has an equal and oposite reaction. That means that there are always two forces in action. Remember how we were playing pool the other day? Well it's just like that. When you hit the cue ball against another ball, the cue ball has force, right? Well there's another force, though it may not be too obvious. That force came from the ball that was being hit. We know that it had force because when it was hit, the cue ball slowed down and eventually stopped. This was because the force of the red ball stopped it.