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Bill Nye The Science Guy
Updated: 10/13/2019
Bill Nye The Science Guy
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  • Acid Deposition 
  • Acid deposition is formed when nitrogen or sulfur oxides dissolve in water to form sulphuric, sulfurous, nitric and nitrous acid.
  • There are two main types : wet acid deposition and dry acid deposition
  • All rain water is acidic with a pH of 5.6 because of dissolved carbon dioxide. However, acid rain refers to solutions with a pH below 5.6
  • Acid Deposition 
  • A complex set of reactions in the atmosphere converts these primary pollutants into acid rain
  • Sulfur Dioxide is produced from burning fossil fuels, while nitrogen monoxide is produced mainly from internal combustion engines.
  • Sulfur Oxides
  • Behind me are the equations outlining the formation of the main active components of acid rain
  • Nitrogen Oxides
  • Materials 
  • Plant Life
  • Water
  • Human Health
  • Reduction of Sulfur Dioxide Emissions
  • On the boards I have written measures that are taken to reduce emissions of nitrogen and sulfur oxides. In addition to these other solutions to the problems of acid deposition include lowering the demand for fossil fuels. More efficient energy transfer systems, greater useof public transport, and switching to renewable energy sources are all part of this.
  • Reduction of NOx Emissions
  • That is the end of today's episode. See you guys next week Friday where we discuss Redox Reactions
  • Acid Deposition impacts materials, plant life, water and human health
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