Yorshday's story of gangs are dumb and are for dumbos
Updated: 2/7/2020
Yorshday's story of gangs are dumb and are for dumbos

Storyboard Text

  • No thanks I have plans later with my own friends 
  • Hey what's wanna have some fun with my friends!
  • #Gangs are for dumb dumbs
  • Sorry I am really running late and need to get to my friends house.
  • Are you sure , you can make some money and make new friends.
  • If your running late i can drive you there or accompany you.
  • No now leave me alone I am not hanging out with you or any of your friend!
  • The girl is trying to get the boy to follow her and so he can join the gang.
  • The girl is trying to bribe him to follow her with money and new friends. but the boy knows the dangers of following her and dosen't.
  • The girl is trying to either kidnap him or take him to the gang with her car ,but the boy refuses.
  • Imagine if i went with her and something bad happened thank goodness i have my refuse skills memorized
  • She is still insisting on inviting him to have fun but the boy already has plans.
  • Why don't you want to have fun
  • I am going to but not with you now leave me alone or else!
  • The boy is saying that he'll do something if the girl doesn't back off so she decides to leave him alone.
  • OK fine maybe next time goodbye.
  • Thank you and goodbye.
  • The boy finally reaches his friends house safe and has the rest of the night wondering what would have happened if he did go with her.But he end he has a great night with friends.