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Updated: 10/4/2020
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  • While Lacy and Henry try to start their new lives together. Lacy always gets the constant reminder that she is not safe. George continues to try and see Lacy, even though that is not what she wants. Lacy decides the best thing for her to do is get a protection order.
  • Even though George is not allowed to see Lacy, he still tries to. George gets angry one day, about the fact that he can not be with Lacy, but Henry can. He decides he is going to kill Henry. George goes to their house and kidnaps Henry. He then drags him to a desolate place and kills him.
  • When Lacy wakes up Henry is nowhere to be found. She is frantic and calls the police, and they file a missing persons report. The police start searching everywhere, for him. He is missing for two weeks. They eventually find his body and start collecting DNA from the scene to find the killer.
  • The police collect enough DNA, to match it to the killer. They find out that the killer is George Harrison. The whole state is looking for this man, especially the police. George has suddenly dissapeared, and nobody knows where he is. Lacy is extremely upset, she does not feel safe, and she misses Henry.
  • Two days later Lacy gets a knock on her door. She looks to see who it is, and its the police. They come inside to tell her that they have found George Harrison. She gets an instant feeling of relief. George Harrison is charged with first degree murder of Henry Joseph.
  • Lacy puts Henry at his final resting place. She decides to sell the home, and move far away from the town she was living in. She moves to the middle of nowhere, in a little farmhouse. She decides she is going to have a little farm and spend the rest of her life there. She finally feels happy and free.
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