english sa
Updated: 2/4/2021
english sa

Storyboard Text

  • ok so you are auditioning for a role on this dog food commercial and we need you to come up with your own slogan and brand name for the dog food we are going to be selling.
  • ok I understand.
  • and action!
  • hungry dog? time to give it dogs! dogs is a great alternative for expensive name brand dog foods that are filled with harmful chemicals and-
  • CUT!!!
  • ok so I'm going to have to stop you right there, I think your sentence is a run on. It doesn't give off the message that we are trying to put out
  • oh is that so? what I was really meant by my slogan was that people should feed their pet dogs\ the brand "dogs"
  • your slogan sounds like we are encouraging people to feed their pet dog other dogs which is not what we want to advertise
  • ok I understand
  • so maybe when writing your script for this advertisement, put a comma after "hungry dog?" to get the right point across