Cesar Chavez

Updated: 1/6/2021
Cesar Chavez

Storyboard Text

  • Well I went on a hunger strike in the 1900's multiple times so you guys and us will get paid fairly, I was born in Yuma Arizona, 1927 and fought for workers right.
  • Hey Cesar Chavez what did you do.
  • We have to stop eating there grapes so if they don't pay us more then they'll lose business
  • Their used to be how it was but now sense I went on so many hunger strikes he pays his workers more and other farm owners
  • Man, this sucks.
  • Cesar getting paid
  • This is al I get for working all day?
  • Yes that's all you get, be grateful for what I give you or ill kick you out.
  • I won a Jefferson Award for Outstanding Public Service Benefiting the Disadvantaged and I died in 1993 in Arizona but thankfully I lived a great life and helped a lot of people